Saturday, October 15, 2016

The DNA Story

Toward the end of the week.....the cops came out and noted a DNA analysis episode, where they connected the murder of a young girl to a Nazi-thug (he's dead from a suicide five years ago).  It is a bit of a shocker.

A number of folks are asking stupid questions over this DNA connection and if it's screwed up.  German cops have this remarkable 'phantom-killer-DNA' episode that sits there in the past which makes them question this story.

The 'phantom-killer'?   Back around eight years ago, the German cops had one of their folks killed in some parking-garage and the DNA results led to a special folder.....a person who had murdered at least a dozen individuals.  There were a number of cops assigned to this case and major analysis was involved.

There were probably forty separate episodes.....where a break-in occurred and DNA was collected....ID'ing the phantom-killer in each one of these.  So eventually, a map was created.  Based on one single observer having seen the remarkable killer.....they felt they were dealing with a young lady who was probably 18 by that point, but she might have been as young as 15 when this killing episode started up.

Finally, one detective sat there and put a blank DNA swab in for test.  It was straight out of the touching anything.

Oddly, it came back with the phantom-killer DNA.

Naturally, this would make people suspicious.

The lab swore up and down.....they went precisely by the rules and had a clean lab.

So, they looked at the box of DNA swabs and decided to visit the factory....down in Austria.   They walk in and the manager is all happy and them a tour.  What they come to notice is that at some point.....the swabs are taken in a big handful by some Austrian gal, with her arms touching the swabs.  They asked the manager if he knew these were being re-packaged as DNA swabs.  Well, no.....he wasn't aware of that.  He sold their swabs to various companies and they used them in different ways.

The cops sat there.....all these hours.....thousands of hours.....spent on the phantom-killer episode, which is totally bogus.  Every single murder in this group?  They had to be set aside and investigated purely as a one-time event by one single person.  It was probably the most embarrassing event that the cops in Germany have ever had to admit.

The story itself?  Up until the visit to the swab factory.....I think the phantom-killer story was probably a five-star story waiting for a writer to collect everything, and it'd make a great movie.  Murders all over the country, some in a vicious way.....done by a teenage killer girl....who remarkably got away each and every time.

So, back to the Nazi-guy who murdered this young girl.  If the test is might suggest that his file needs to be reviewed in detail, and I'm going to take a guess that they might find more than just this one single young girl dead.  Who knows.....maybe in five years.....two or three more deaths might be attributed to this guy.  The supporters behind the Nazi-guy?  I would imagine they are shaking their heads because this really leads down a dark path and maybe they guessed wrong about this young guy.

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