Friday, October 28, 2016

Fur, Gegan, and Democracy

I'm in the midst of a German course.  So we reached this epic point today where two German words were introduced.....fur (for) and gegan (against).

The particular sentence that the instructor decided to use for text, was Wir demonstrieren_____mehr Demokratie.

It basically translate to We demonstrate  _______ more Democracy.

So I looked at it for about sixty seconds (more than I should have), and I came to the decision that it ought to be 'gegan' (against) more democracy.  Naturally, the right answer given by the instructor had to be 'fur' or for.

Oddly enough, several of the Syrians in the class also voiced 'gegan' or against.  But I think they felt the minute you use the word "demonstrate" are against something.

One can be amused over this, but it brings up this odd part about German culture, demonstrations, and politics. In a normal German can never have enough democracy. Normally, democracy equates to some style of government where the residents or citizens of a state, typically through elected a government.

The reality of democracies is that you want a simple method of democracy that works without a lot of "buts", "exceptions", or shifts because of this group having favor over another group.  The more rules you add to democracy....tend to make it bulky and unable to perform at it's maximum potential.

To be honest, it's hard to find any demonstrations in Germany over the past fifty years that was for MORE democracy.  You end up seeing mostly demonstrations about certain groups who feel they've been cheated out their fair share, or want some change in government to favor their agenda, or they want rights that don't exist on paper and get the impression that the Bundestag won't act.

I probably should just concentrate on Germans words and not get get all hyped up on texts used for stupid word recognition or language training.

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