Saturday, October 22, 2016

Post-Card in the Mail

This week in my German mailbox, I got a postcard advertisement from Scientology.  Basically, they wanted to let me know that I'm only using 10-percent of my full brain-power.  I could be doing so much more.....if I'd just contact them, discuss my options, and sign up with their religion.

It's a new method of trying to reach out into the German community and drum up more 'business'.

Scientology had a rough start in Germany.  For a number of years, they were 'branded' as a non-religion and that tax-free status was not available to them.  At some point a couple of years ago, they finally convinced the government to give them the tax-free religion status.  Some people suggest that various foreign government entities (pointing back at the US) got involved and put pressure on the topic.

Since that change, it's safe to say that they haven't advanced far in recruiting Germans.  Few news outlets figure the number but I'd take a rough guess that it's in the 4-digit range.

The issue of getting acceptance among Germans goes to three key factors about Germans.

First, there's a large segment of the population who are middle-class or working-class, and they really don't have cash to throw at some religion or enhancement-service.  If we were talking about 40 Euro a month, then maybe....but it's hard to find any Scientology service which rates at such level.  The intended target has to be the upper class.

Second, Germans are a bit skeptical about religions anyway.  It doesn't matter if we are talking about a dozen different religions....they would sit and ask questions....expecting some reasonable answers.  In a group of 50 Germans, with some Scientology guy doing his sales-pitch....I doubt if he'd find more than one or two people (with ample money to spend) who'd be willing to listen to more than 10 minutes of the pitch.

Third and final, there's the problem of state-run TV news.....which has done pieces on Scientology and questioned it as a religion.  Germans watch these and accept the pitch by the news people.  Convincing them to go against the news pitch?  It would be difficult.

As for this post-card influencing me?  I'm using all the brain-power I have and am fairly satisfied with my output.  Maybe if I were doing rocket-science might interest me but if I got so smart.....might I question this as a religion and ask more questions?

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