Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Funding Giant Behind ISIS

If you look this morning, the WikiLeaks crowd has put out fresh emails from the Clinton business.  The one that might attract some hostility among Germans?  Well, there's a multi-page email which talks at length about the Saudis and the folks in Qatar, who are the ones funding ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Yeah, shocker, but it's more or less admitted by Hillary herself.....former Secretary of State.

Will it get mentioned via German state-run TV news?  No, I seriously doubt it.  Maybe the folks at Focus and some newspapers might give it 12 lines, but the national news media probably won't chat about this.

If you stand back and look at this.....here all the frustrations and hostility over immigrants and migrants go back to an unstable region which was paid and funded by the Saudi oil money.  If you put this information in front of 82-million Germans, and the one million-plus Syrians residing in Germany currently.....there would be a terrible amount of anger.

All these unnecessary deaths.....triggered by Saudi funding.  All the billions of Euro spent by German politicians on refugees.....triggered by Saudi funding.  All the political chaos in Germany today....triggered by Saudi funding.  AfD and Pegida's status in politics today?  All delivered by Saudi funding of ISIS.

Why skipping the matter by state-run TV news?  I can only imagine that there was some other agenda tied to this....unrelated to the Saudis.....and no one wants all these agendas laid out in public.



Qatar & Saudi Arabia are funding them in order to remove Assad and Alawites from power. Why: in order to build oil pipe-lines to Europe via Turkey. Russia is doing everything in the world to stop Assad and Alawites from power. Why: Because Russia makes money via having a monopoly of being the only country in the world that sells oil to Europe and if Russia were to lose this monopoly then it would no longer be able to function as a nation-state, in its current form. Countries fighting over money and power is nothing new; so what's the smart move that certain agencies are working on? Well... if Norway were to extract oil from the Arctic, then that would be a check-mate to Russia's current geo-political game. Russia doesn't care about the middle east, or sticking it to the west for that matter - this has 100% everything to do with MONEY. And Putin needs that money; after all.. he needs to replenish the Russian Treasury accounts since exhausting them all on sporting projects, corruption, and billion dollar palaces along the black sea.

R Hammond said...

I agree it's about money but look at the players and the next decade ahead. All this talk in the last month in Europe about ending new gas/diesel car sales by 2030 (may never happen but there's a date written on a calendar now). Toss in the unremarkable Russian and Saudi economies....based on what? Iran? They finally dragged themselves out of the pit, and face two very hostile nations who need oil to go up to $80 a barrel and they don't want any competition from Iran, or the frackers, or those stupid oil-sands people. If you ask me....this poker game has huge stakes that really aren't grasped by half the people at the table. The news media? Zero understanding and no desire to part the curtain and explain this to the general public (US or Germany).