Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Deal

Occasionally, I hand out advice.  This's chiefly aimed at Americans on a lengthy stay in Germany and want a new Euro-spec's car....for a cheaper price than the dealer can offer downtown.

There's this web you might want to know about.  Course, you'd have to accept some factors on this deal.

It's a internet company which deals direct with the car companies.  You agree with the deal via the internet.  Typically, you are saving around twenty percent of what any car company in Germany will offer on a deal.

Course, when you want to discuss matters with's all in German.

A German typically goes over to the local dealer in his town...rides around in his choice of car....and negotiates with this guy.  It's a face-to-face situation.  The dealer is getting full-price.  He needs to pay the bills, the real estate he rents, and benefits of the employees.  He might cut 200 Euro here, and maybe 300 Euro there, but that's it.

The Jutten-Koolen guys tend to offer anywhere from ten percent to twenty percent off what any dealer can offer.  Yes, you can arrange to pick it up at the Jutten-Koolen shop, or go down to the actual VW or Audi factory.

The negative?  They sell only Euro-spec's cars, and for guys who want to feel good with a local dealer....there might be enough reasons to avoid an internet deal.

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