Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Beerfest Table

This is your typical-looking German beerfest table and seating.  The colors change, but the construction is always the same.

For an American, there are four basic observations that you will quickly make about the arrangement.

First, a truck can pull up and you can toss up a dozen tables in half-an-hour with just two people.  No buttons, no screws.....just physical labor.

Second, it looks weak....I admit that.  But you can typically seat three big heavy German guys on one bench, and it always holds. could probably put six folks on a bench, and hit holds.

Third, they always look old....mostly because they are old.  No one retires their beerfest tables or seating until they are literally falling apart. Folks will brag that they've had their tables for twenty years.

Fourth and final.  Yes, they are a bit unstable....especially around folks who have been drinking substantially.  It doesn't take much for a guy to lean back a bit too far, and throw the balance of the seating off....tossing it backwards.

The worst thing about the seating?  My own personal view is that you can sit at a table like this for an hour or so....before your butt starts getting tired.  The idea of sitting for four hours?  I don't even want to imagine that.  I'd have to stand every forty minutes and move survive a four-hour episode.

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