Thursday, October 4, 2012

Live Debate Coverage

If you got up early in the morning there in Germany....turned over to channel two (ZDF) would have had this chance to watch the Romney-Obama debate.  The number of Germans eligible to vote in the US elections?  Zero.  It's a curious thing to sit and observe the German curiosity and intense interest in this election.

Based on various polls within'd be safe to say that seventy percent of Germans would like to see President Obama win in the election.  The chief reason? runs in various directions but you tend to get to the bottom line....they don't want the return of George Bush-mentality.  Beyond that, they grumble about the US economy, the lack of agreement between the two political parities in handling the national budget, and how Republicans allowed the housing market to collapse with a weird mortgage set-up (it's too confusing for Germans to grasp the fall of the housing market).

In the German mind....President Obama is the direction to continue the US government.  It comes across in media discussion, TV panel topics, and newspapers.

How many Germans got up at 3AM to watch the debate?  I'd sit and take a humble guess that roughly ten thousand Germans did get up and view the live debate on channel two.  They probably were a bit shocked after ninety minutes that it just didn't go the way they thought.  They probably felt the moderator didn't control things enough.  Maybe, in their mind....the President just wasn't having much luck in the debate.  You just don't know.

The remaining debates?  I believe channel two will carry them.  There might be a shift in German thoughts about Romney by early November, with a fifty-fifty split of German support at that point.  It's difficult to predict the outcome, and if Romney were to win in November....acceptance of an Obama loss might be more difficult than people think.

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