Wednesday, October 3, 2012

East - West Day

I don't normally quote from a Bild article, but this item from today, has a twist to it.  Bild went out and discussed east versus west attitudes in Germany....since the wall came down.  Frankly, most Germans (especially from the western part of Germany), know that there is an attitude problem that has been brewing.  

Based on a survey, Bild says that one out of five folks in the western part of Germany admit they've never crossed the old DDR line....which split the country into two.  From the eastern side, it's one person out of ten who admit they've never crossed the old DDR line.  

So as an American, you'd first size up the country.  Germany is about as big as Montana.  You'd sit there and think over this size.....eventually thinking that most everyone would travel around the state of Montana and it's hard to believe that a significant portion of Germans haven't been to the "other side". 

Still a split country?  As an outsider, I'd humbly say that at least half of Germans in the western part of Germany have a fairly negative view of the old DDR or East Germany, and this united deal hasn't made them happy.  They see a vast government revenue bucket being used to take care of outdated bridges and roads in the east.  Folks in the east are mostly negative over a lack of jobs.  Companies didn't jump up and relocate into the eastern part of the country.  Most kids are smart to pack up and head to the western part of get a stable job.  

Germany celebrates today....3 a unity day.....when east and west parts of Germany united back up.  The truth is....the media hypes up the day and talks about the old days and how much things have changed.  The public?  It's simply a day off and folks might throw something on the grill or go visit relatives.  There's not much in their mind to celebrate.  Maybe in fifty years....this will make sense.  But right's just a useless holiday that they accept and enjoy a day off from work.

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