Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wiesbaden Bahnhof

I have an appreciation of German train stations.  They are an architectural bit of interest, and relate back to an era that we all have forgotten.

One of the finer ones to observe is the Wiesbaden Bahnhof....built in 1906.  If you happen stand out front of the building....there's some changes in the landscape, but it's basically the same structure as it was a hundred years ago.

Roughly 30k folks travel in and out of the station on a daily basis.  It's not huge....like the Frankfurt station....but there's around a dozen platforms in operation.

A hundred years ago....this was a major public works project and established a status symbol for the city.

For an American, there are few major train stations left today.  It's true....Union Station is still around....but most of the rest have been shut down and taken apart.

So if you happen to be around the central part of Wiesbaden.....stop in and check out the station.

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