Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bath Salts?

The Local carried the story, but only as an oddball story.

German gal down in Bavaria....near Coburg....gets into the car naked.....taking her daughter with her (kid was fully clothed).  Woman gets onto the opposite direction of the autobahn.....runs into another vehicle.....killing the naked woman, her kid, and the driver in the other car.  Cops act puzzled....mostly because they've never had a case like this before, where a naked mother drives a car down the opposite way of a autobahn.

I paused over the story.  If you had left all German details out of this....I'd say bath salts real quick.  If you look at almost every story you come across these days in America....anytime that an idiot comes out in public in a nude's a 99-percent chance that bath salts is involved.

German cops would be quick to dismiss this....saying they don't have a bath salts problem.  I'd probably grin and say 'sure'....but the question of what triggered this will linger.  I suspect the autopsy will settle the problem in two to three weeks.

Bath salts is a fairly addictive way to go and do your high.  It's a high chance for hallucinations and paranoid behavior.  Clothing usually gets taken off....for whatever reasons you might dream up.  Folks will admit that bath salts have been around Germany for a couple of years.

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