Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pirate Party Ship Sinking?

This past week in Germany....things started to occur with the new German Pirate Party.  It's best to say that the party has taken on water, and sinking badly.  Six months ago....folks were talking about six to eight percent of the national vote in 2013 with the bold new German Pirate Party.  Now?  I doubt if they can clear two percent, which means they are a non-player in the 2013 Bundestag.

The truth to the matter?

It was an inflated balloon of youth voters....who just wanted to slam the major parties who had been around for decades and weren't talking over youth-issues.   The leadership in the Pirate Party?  That was a continuing issue for discussion. Most folks would say that they never had a true four-star person at the top.  For a brief time....the general opinion was that they could mount some marginally capable folks, and at least sneak by with no serious questions.

What happens now?  All of the major parties will reshuffle the deck and look at new polling numbers in December.  The Greens might benefit the most from the youth voters leaving the Pirate Party....but it's not huge numbers.

So we come to this sad tale.  The Pirate Party had potential and could have taken seven to ten percent of the national vote....just based on disenchanted voters and the youth vote....if they had simply one decent four-star candidate who could argue on the Sunday night political chat show.  It was a simple recipe for the party, and they just couldn't find that four-star character.  

My suggestion?  The Pirates need to go out and find some young business guy or their 30's.....who is angry over the direction of the government.  This person needs to talk about youth issues, and how a new direction for Germany is needed.  A seven-percent vote carves out a mess for either the SPD or CDU....with neither wanting to accept a Pirate partner.  But this won't happen now.  The ship has sunk.

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