Friday, October 31, 2014

The Drinking Game

In the United States, we have a binge drinking problem....particularity with university-age kids.  It's been an issue for a decade or two.

Here in Europe....the same type issue exists....although it's mostly those in their 30's and 40's.

In the past week, in France, some guys were out partying, and there came this challenge for a drinking contest.  The winner?  A fifty-seven-year-old guy.  He slugged down fifty-six shots of vodka and whiskey.  The press won't say how many minutes were involved in the challenge or what financial cost was involved (estimate at least a one-hundred Euro minimum).

The guy was proclaimed the winner, and then walked out of the pub.  Somewhere between the pub and his apartment or house.....he stumbled down and collapsed.  At the hospital later....he died.

It's one of many deaths and the French are tired of the mess.  So a law is being pressed through.  If you are of younger age, the encouragement crowd would be brought into court to face charges which could net you 15,000 Euro in fines, and a year in prison.  If you are of a mature age, the encouragement crowd would face six months in jail, and at least 3,000 Euro in fines.

Will it pass?  No far, no one says anything about discouraging this.  Will the judges enforce?  That's another question.

Can you imagine bringing witnesses into court on a challenge, and find that every single witness was already how could you trust the value of their words?

So, don't get the idea that America has unique problems that don't exist elsewhere.  The same problems exist around the globe.

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