Monday, August 5, 2013

Approaching Sperrmuell in My Village

Tomorrow is sperrmuell day in my village....bulk garbage day.

It's interesting how things have developed over the years.  There are three of these bulk pick-up days arranged throughout the year by the garbage department.  It's all free.

You pull the items out of your house, and lay them by the curb.  What happens next is kinda curious.  Polish trucks roam the neighborhoods, and try to get to the valuable junk before the garbage guys arrive.  I sat this morning over by the end of the village where trucks can usually 'hide', and here were two Polish vans already parked and preparing for runs over the village.

Things of value?  For a normal  However, you run across interesting items which might still be worth something.  A older desk from the 1930s.....tossed out, but with some clean-up work and varnish....might still be worth a couple of hundred.  A couch thats around ten years old.....still useful to someone.  So the Poles track this by town, and have a schedule which keeps them on track.

I'm assuming somewhere in the region.....a tractor-trailer rig will be parked and the guys dump everything onto it.  The Germans don't seem to care.  They just want to dump bulk junk and see it gone.

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