Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The German Beef Episode

This is one of those oddball German stories.

We are in the midst of election season, and political parties always do stupid public comments to draw attention.

Over the past couple of weeks....the Green Party has been active and working at company canteens.  If you are a sizable German operation....then you have a public cafe or restaurant that you operate for the benefit of the employees.  Most operate with a limited menu.  There's likely two dishes on the menu for each day.

If you asked most Germans who have the canteen at their business......they will admit that it's decent food for the price (usually a plate of hot food for five to seven Euro).  Most will's usually dish A, which is loaded with extreme fat.....and dish B, which is loaded with less fat.  If you are lucky enough.....the canteen will offer up a salad bar which meets the general expectations of folks who'd like to eat light.

Well....the Green Party would like to force (I use the word, but they try to avoid saying it's actually force).....the canteens to go one day a week completely green (salads or fruit only).  They think it'd be better for everyone and would improve the overall health of the work-force.

Reactions?  It generated what you'd expect....a number of meat enthusiasts stood up and said 'no'.  They don't appreciate the push or the mandatory nature of this effort.

The Greens came right back and said we are on a maximum meat binge, and sustaining this effort (meaning the herds of cattle) simply not sustainable.

The comical side of this debate?  Most all canteens will offer up salads and fruits among their menu items.  People might want to have more options for their salads, but frankly.....this is a company-sponsored deal and just supposed to provide a hot or complete lunch for employees at a reasonable price.

So when you see this discussion laid out by the news folks.....remember, it's political motivational tool for the election, and it will quietly disappear in a couple of months.

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