Friday, August 16, 2013

Political Poster Time

It is political season in Germany, and posters are everywhere.  The dog poster?  It's the Pirate Party.  Basically, it asks if you ever felt people were against you....if so, you ought to vote for the Pirates.  How the dog fits into this?  Well, it's best not to ask about that.

My humble guess is that someone owns this particular dog and just wanted him to appear nationally.

The cow poster?  It's the Green Party.  Maybe in some unusual sort of way, it gets the attention of farmers, and motivates them to vote Green.
 The third poster is the CDU poster.  Sunshine, a beach, a ball, and relaxation.  The economy is on automatic.  Jobs are plentiful.  Folks can afford to take a vacation.  Why spoil this by voting anything but CDU?  It just makes pure sense.

Yeah, it might be over-simplified, but if you are ahead, why pick any difficult subjects to get across the public.

A beach would make perfect sense, and life ought to this great.

 Finally, the fourth poster....the Communist Party getting peppy on supporting women.

How many women out of a hundred would vote this way?  Maybe one out of a hundred.

But this is thinly veiled message of the party.....they support women.

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