Friday, August 2, 2013

Hot Art Statue: Wiesbaden

One of the curious things about walking around Wiesbaden, is that you come across some curious statues occasionally.

I'll refer to this as the 'lusty hottie'.  It probably has an artistic-type name, but I'm from Bama and generally lack artistic knowledge.

The problem is that a guy from Bama would tend to stand there for several minutes admiring the statue, and folks would tend to notice 'that-you-aren't-from-around-here'-look.  So I had to force myself to walk away after a minute or two.

In Bama, the statue would have been removed by the third day....mostly by Baptist folks disturbed that the statue had boobs.  If it'd been some quarterback from Auburn, or Coach "Bear" one would have said much.

Yeah, it's sad in a way that I got all the way through school and college....without a single class in art.  But, it's best not to bring this up.

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