Friday, August 2, 2013

Explaining Hotel Mama

There is this expression used in German society....'Hotel Mama'.  Basically, it's a kind-hearted expression that says that junior has over-stayed his welcome in the house and probably needs to leave.

Typically, Hotel Mama occurs when the young lad has finished his apprentice episode....gotten a job.....or in some cases, not found a job, and just stays to take advantage of the home with no real input.

I rarely see the term used for young ladies, but I imagine there are a few cases.  One of the TV networks ran a show for a while.....reality series....of real guys in their mid-20's.....still at home and not doing anything much.  The focus of the TV team was to PUSH the kid out of the house, and get him on his on.

When you hear the term discussed and some German lady is in a whining's best to just nod your head and not say much.  As much as some of these mamas would like to kick out junior.....they just don't want that solution.

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