Friday, August 23, 2013


Occasionally, as you turn a corner in will note an odd vehicle of some type.

In front of one of the better Wiesbaden hotels from last week....I noted this Bangkok scooter 'bus'.  It's hard to say how often it's used, but I'd take a guess that people get a full view of the city.

The second picture?  From Mainz.

It's the Red Bull Mini.  I stood there for several minutes and analyzed the vehicle.

Frankly, it has to be a mess to drive on a big highway at 100 kph....with the wind display really screwing up the aerodynamics.

The catch is that everyone recognizes the vehicle.

It's a curious thing....what happens after a couple of years of use?  Do you sell it "as-is"?  Would a guy buy a used Red Bull Mini?  And if you did buy it....what the hell would you use it for?

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