Friday, August 30, 2013

German News on President Obama

I sat there last night watching the German news, and it started with this long piece on the US-Syrian war-build-up.

The start of the video episode?  It's a long slow motion piece of a tired and frustrated President Obama....with just a slight bit of music in the background.....turning and looking away from the camera.  It was dramatic in a way.....perhaps negative as well.

So the eight to ten minutes ran this way.  The US is pumped up and moving toward the next war, but there's all kinds of political folks who don't want the US into this episode.  Then the moderator brings on their doctor so-v-so expert, who kinda notes that there is no US strategy or long-term plan.......and probably hasn't been such for a long while.

A Slam against President Obama?  I'd say more likely an explanation to the German public that you might not want to expect this current episode to be planned in any fashion, and is more of a last-minute toss-together operation.

At some point, they note that there's no real appreciation in Europe or NATO of getting into some Middle Eastern war episode.  The British simply don't have public opinion in their favor.  The French aren't interested at all.  And the German elections probably limit any actions by Chancellor Merkel.

It was an odd feeling.  For eight years, there was continually anti-Bush chatter, and when President Obama finally arrived....there was this German media explanation to the public that things were now on the right path.  Four years later?  Well....I'm guessing that it's hard for the German news media to go out and do the anti-Obama chatter.

Yeah, I guess with 3.5 years to go.....the Germans might have to wait a while.....until the anti-Bush and the anti-Obama President finally arrives, and saves the day.

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