Saturday, August 17, 2013


Up in Herne, Germany....north Germany.....they had an episode on a local S-Bahn train yesterday.

The conductor was doing his walk through the train, and came to this mid-thirties German gal.  Her ticket was invalid, or at least the conductor felt this way.  When things like this develop.....there's usually a fine that is launched against the rider....around forty Euro (roughly $50).

In this case, the lady felt her ticket was valid, and a heated discussion ensued.

The train pulls into a station, and the lady decides it's time to exit.  Whether she felt intimidated, or just tired of being jerked around by the doesn't matter.

But the conductor wasn't finished.  He exits the train, and continues to demand her passport, and wants to issue a fine.

Well.....she takes her knee, and gives the conductor a five-star crotch-killer.  It's so bad....that he falls to the ground, and the local folks have to call an ambulance.  Yep, he was toted off to the local German hospital with crotch damage.

The term "grievous bodily harm" has been brought up by the cops as they arrested the gal.  All the cops say at present?  They continue their investigation.  I'm guessing they are looking for witnesses and trying to determine if the conductor touched the lady in any fashion (if so, that invalidates the crotch-killer, and she gets off the hook).

A Bama guy would pause at this point and note that the conductor is a union guy, and likely to claim his career is finished, and ask for early retirement.  Even if he does return....there's the continual questions that he'll get.....are you OK, or did she permanently disable your functions?  An event like this would tear up most mortal men.

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