Monday, February 29, 2016

Ad: Darmstadt Missing

While I was off on vacation (Australia for three weeks)....Darmstadt disappeared.....all 137,000 people.

Well.....maybe not the city itself of Darmstadt.....but the German government finally fessed up and noted that they were missing roughly 130,000 refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants from 2015.  They were forced into the corner after the opposition parties had heard rumors of a massive number of people missing.  So, in the Bundestag last week.....they admitted 130,000 were gone.  And they had no idea where they went..

I sat pondering this.  Typically, if Darmstadt suddenly lose all 137,000 residents.....someone would care.  Someone would go looking for them.  In the case of these one seems to care or desire to look.  So, it begs some tough questions.

First, is it possible that someone down in Nuremberg just screwed up one night and invented 130,000 refugee names (Muahamad IV, Allah O. Tin, etc) and just screwed with the database....forgetting to delete the fake name game at the end of the shift?

Second, isn't it odd that they admit it's 130,000 but then won't tell you what nationalities they are?  I mean.....even a one-star London reporter would have stood up and asked the magic question over how many were Albanians, Libyans, or Iraqis.....but here for German one seems to want to ask?  Why?

Third, could it be that 130,000 folks arrived.....learned that they were not on the 'favored-son' list, and wouldn't likely be they walked back to the border....bought a Syrian or Iraqi passport (fake) and then entered a second-time to be a 'favored-son' and get better odds on approval?

Fourth, did the 130,000 just slip away....under the cover of darkness, into France?  Are France and Germany even talking to one another about refugee names and comparing names....making sure they aren't both helping the same guy?

Fifth, did the Americans sneak in and take the 130,000 away?  We know the Americans are sneaky people and should never be trusted.  Perhaps they've taken them away to the shadowlands of Burbank and forcing them to learn English, vote Democrat, and work for minimum wage for Starbucks?

Sixth, is it possible that the 130,000 aren't really missing and that they are quietly sitting in some confused and disjointed refugee camp in Dresden.....awaiting a status on their application which got lost and the one single input technician has been on eight months of vacation due to stress and panic-attacks?

Seventh, is it possible that they've gone back to their homeland after arriving in Germany and discovering that there are really crazy Germans here, hundreds of pages of application paperwork, some absolutely strong coffee, and simply too many gorgeous and enticing German women?

Eighth, is it possible that 130,000 guys (single) arrived with fake wives and fake ensure they got a real room to themselves and better benefits.....then allowed the fake wife and kids to return to their cousin or brother?  Would the Germans be stupid enough to offer plus-up benefits for families versus single guys and not expect some fraud?

Ninth, is it possible that they've just continued on walking through Europe and registering in all 28 countries.....just to see which country might offer the better deal?

The fact that no German journalist was willing to ask real find the population of Darmstadt who evidently are lost.....demonstrates something of a bad nature.  Reporters are supposed to be curious, and have reasonable doubt.  In this case?  They just grinned and pretended it's not a problem.

So.....if you ask me.....someone is being played for a fool.  The question is.....who?

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