Sunday, February 28, 2016

Australia and Germany

I've spent the last three weeks mostly in Australia (along with Singapore and Hong Kong) it a fact-gathering trip or just R and R.

Aussies have an immigration issue as well.

It should be noted.....that their government volunteer back eight months ago to take in roughly twelve thousand immigrants or refugees.  To date.....they've accepted 26 total as of early February.  Yeah.....26.

This generated a fair amount of criticism by opposition parties and they tried to use the Aussie news media to generate negativity over the low number.  The chief reason for only 26?  They require paperwork to be completed and a full-background check.  You don't get a visa into Australia until this is done and your background verified.  The odds that 12,000 will be accepted?  Well....they will....but it might be 2022 before they get verified and accepted.

Criticism by the general public?  No.  This is what sixty-percent of Aussies prefer.  Another twenty-percent will say that there has to be a front-door approach and maybe it ought to go faster but they don't want 'losers' in Australia.

The subject kinda came up at least eight times during my trip, and it surprised me that most people always answered the same way....they have a pretty good country and they intend to keep it that way.

What Germans might learn from the Aussies?  There's some front door existing and no reason to pretend there isn't such a door.  If you wanted a doorless entry Germany has....then why bother even counting people or caring about the cost factor?

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