Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Poll Story

I often talk of the complex issues over asylum, immigration and refugees in Germany.....and how it's too complex for most Germans to get a grip over the entire process.

Focus wrote up a fine (short) piece today that had to do with a poll and public opinion.

So, 63-percent of the Germans polled.....said there has to be a limit on asylum seekers/refugees (German law prevents that).

Almost nine out of ten polled said that a reduction of social benefits for refugees is necessary if they don't integrate.

Almost eight out of ten said that Tunisia,Morocco, and Algeria ought to qualify as safe countries and these asylum seekers in Germany need to go 'home'.

Almost seven out of ten believe the process of acceptance or rejection ought to be made there at the border as they enter.

Nine out of ten polled believed that acceptance of refugees because of war-time events ought to be approved.  Even a majority of AfD voters (76-percent) agreed on the war-time status.  Even seven out of ten said that for religious persecution can be used as a reason for German acceptance for asylum.

But I noted over at ARD (state-run Channel One).....they had an interesting poll as well.  Eight out of ten Germans believe that the current government coalition is unable to control or handle the immigration and asylum crisis.

Confidence lacking?  The odd thing is that state-run news journalists have done as much as they can to help form a positive public opinion about this episode.  There's not much left in the 'tool-kit' for the political figures to repair this situation, except shuffle a couple people out and hope that there's no massive entry for 2016.  If by June....there's 400,000 new refugees who attempt to enter'll be a massive problem for the public to handle.

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