Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Defining Freikorperkultur

Basically, for a German (particularly a eastern German), it's a word left over from the DDR era (before the Wall came down).

It means a free culture in terms of the body.....or you can walk around in the nude at a particular park or beach....without anyone really saying anything.  Nudism?  More or less.

For some odd reason, east Germans got into this culture during the Cold War years and it meant an experience of freedom.

To some degree....west Germans also had an open view on nudism.....but for east's a BIG deal.

Surviving today?  If you are from the eastern side of the country and over the age of forty....the theme or word probably survives to some degree.

One should not.....this has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality.  It meant you'd meet with friends at some local lake....sip beer.....have some volleyball or the nude of course, and just socialize.  I realize for an's hard to imagine this sort of behavior not having a sexual activity involved....but we are talking about Germans.

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