Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Merkel Interview

It's rare that the German Chancellor (Merkel) appears on a live TV interview chat show in Germany.  Last night was the exception.....ARD's Anne Will 9:45PM.

What came out are two key points.

Merkel readily admits.....there is no plan B on the immigration table.  Then she admitted in certain words that Multiculturalism doesn't work, period.

When you stand back and look at the comments....there is a certain perception that there really wasn't a plan start with.  Folks were hyped up over refugee boats sinking in the Med with black Africans onboard.  Folks were hyped up over Syrian refugees.  Folks were hyped up over poor Albanians.  The list goes on and on.  But none of this really equaled much of a was simply removing the door from the hinges and letting people flow through.

Multiculturalism?  Intellectuals will talk for hours over the dynamics of it and why people need to accept it.  Then you ask.....what exactly do you mean?  Are we talking about a Turkish kebab cafe on the street?  Or are we talking about North Africans running the illicit drug empire out of Koln?  It's not a clear discussion topic.  If you gathered a hundred Germans in a room and tried to engage on this....more than half would regard it as a topic way down on the list and a waste of time.

The appearance?  It's timed to some degree to help with the March state elections and show some points on direction.  Presently.....other than a decent win in the Pfalz....I don't see the CDU doing that well in the three state elections.

So, for roughly an hour.....the interview went on and you can basically say that you got a dose of reality.  No one has been able to think of a plan B within this coalition they are simply continuing in the same direction.....for better or worse.

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