Friday, February 26, 2016

Why AfD as a Political Party is Marginalized

Right now....if you talked up politics in Germany....the AfD Party is at the top of the discussion stage.  This primarily revolves around the political build-up to the three March state elections and the hostility of Germans now over immigration and asylum issues.

The thing is.....if you took AfD as a true political party and brought up the other nineteen significant issues (the environment, economy, education, pension reform, medical reform, cost of living, infrastructure, etc)....the public has no idea of the rest of the AfD party platform.

For example, the AfD folks will say there is a Euro and monetary policy....yet from their's blank for the platform itself.

Finance, taxation and pension reform?  There is a page from their site for a position.....currently (on 31 January)'s blank.

The privacy and legal platform?  There's a page for it on their web's a very weak four-line comment.

Education, science and media platform?  There's a page for that on their site.....which amounts to a five-line weak and marginal talk.

Environmental and agricultural policy, animal and nature conservation policy, consumer protection policy?  Five lines.

Energy and technology?  Nothing on the page as of 31 January.

Should this worry a German guy who is a AfD Party enthusiast?  Yes.

To be honest, it's a party that is probably twelve months away from a legit platform situation where they can sit and talk at a public forum over a dozen subjects and contribute commentary about their position.

Right now.....when they get dragged into TV moderated forum....they are there strictly to talk about safety, security, immigration and asylum issues.  That's it.  Once the moderator has made the round around the parties present, and says it's time to examine other topics.....the AfD attendee is screwed.

This is the negative of this whole discussion with AfD.  They are a party which simply isn't ready for prime time.....but because no other party crossed the line and was anti-immigration....they now get tons of support which they'd normally never see.

Would it be a shocker if they filled in the blanks and took positions on a dozen other platform issues?  Maybe, but you have no idea how they stand on military obligations, trade, or relations with Poland or France.

This is the sad part about this trend.  You have no idea what it'll get you in the end.

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