Monday, February 1, 2016

The Shooting Idea and the Better Solution

Late last week in of the AfD Party players (the anti-immigration party).....did a piece on the idea of border control in Germany having the ability to shoot immigrants trying to cross the German border.

Naturally, over the weekend....journalists, intellectuals and all opposition parties freaked out and went nuts over the suggestion that guns might be used on people crossing the German border.

I sat and pondered over this whole idea, and necessity of a solution.

Historically.....the only time that German border control thugs ever used guns to shoot.....was in the DDR days (1945 to 1989) when East German citizens tried to escape the DDR and go into West Germany.  So in effect, it was DDR cops/troops shooting their own people.  You can imagine how well this went and how angry folks got over the behavior.

So you look down at Bavaria and ask yourself about the people walking around in the woods there.  I've been there in Bavaria on a number of occasions and realize there are tens of thousands of tourists walking the trails of Bavaria on a daily basis.....and crossing the border in Austria or Switzerland without realizing it.

The last thing on Earth that you'd really desire is some German border control guy shouting some German phrase at two gay Texans who accidentally crossed over into Austria and are trying to hike back to the right trail.  This shooting would anger a bunch of gay folks and a bunch of Texans.

Berlin would get pretty frustrated about this and then start drifting to the Barney-solution....handing one bullet to each border control guy, similar to what Andy always did with Barney.

The thing is.....once you start a more aggressive behavior by the border control folks....where exactly does it end?  If you shoot a dozen folks.....who pays for medical issues and hospital time?

So, I've sat and pondered this a while, and have a fix that might work in an easier fashion.

You start with three basic visas, and each having a different effect.

Visa One is only for people who want a economic visa.....meaning they just want to come and work in Germany and they aren't from the EU countries.  You limit this group to strictly 100,000 a year.  Up let everyone know that they can only apply for this visa while in a non-German state and only at a German embassy.  This visa also requires you to define your occupation, your skill, your craftsmanship certificate, your education and your past crime behavior.  This visa will take four to six months for approval and you only enter if you have the skill areas that benefit Germany.  If you were cleaning toilets in Pakistan or unloading garbage trucks in's a zero percent chance you will get this visa.

If someone shows up in Germany and tries to claim Visa application there....they get refused, and sent out of the country immediately.  If someone tries to rent a house or tries to work under the table without Visa One.....they get sent out immediately, without any review.

Visa One means you get nine months of German housing, shelter and food.....a couple of German classes and one integration class.....then you need to get a job.  You get five years on this visa....with no welfare authorized for the whole five years, and you promise to leave if you break the law (felony conviction of any type).  At the end of five years on this visa.....if you were still employed and showing'd get an invitation to stay.

The odd factor to Visa One would be that you'd pay a one-percent tax on your paycheck to the government for the whole five years as part of your pay-back for their help in the beginning.

Visa Two would be for folks married to Germans, doctors, or nurses (critical fields now in Germany).  No limits.  It's a five-year visa as well, with the language and integration classes required.  No felony convictions would be part of this episode.  If you worked, you'd also pay the one-percent tax on your pay as well.

Visa Three would be for war-time refugees (like for Syrians and Iraqis).  This visa would be a single one-year visa and you'd be limited to a refugee camp in Germany, with shelter and food provided.  For any country to be listed on Germany's friendly means Germany is active on ending the war and getting people back there.  Without that don't get access to the GErman war-time refugee status.

Numbers for visa Three?  I'd probably limit it to 150,000 a year and no more than 400,000 in the country under this situation.

Some German intellectuals will say that German law forbids a limit.  When the idiot says that.....ask him if Germany could handle eight million war refugees coming from forty-odd countries and how that would work.  He'll just grin because he knows there really is a limit.....if you think about it.

For all those other people past the number for visa One, Two and Three?  No support, no shelter, no jobs, nothing.  You can be nice and say there's an opportunity for next year, but you'd have to apply outside of the country.

For the gay foreign guys and the Christians in Muslim countries?  You could invent another visa just for them, and state numbers per year.  The problem I see is a bunch of guys would run up and claim they were gay Iraqis who'd be prosecuted by the Muslims in Iraq if they stayed.  Oddly, after six months in Germany....the visa'ed gay Iraqi would be noted as having various relations with German or other women....and German intellectuals would spend years analyzing how they got straight so quickly.

At some point, if you use the wild and crazy party can only hold a decent party in a 70-square meter apartment with about thirty people.  Once you have fifty people in the apartment, you start to realize that it just won't be the great party you envisioned....and at sixty's just one-star affair.  That's why the current German situation hasn't gone that well, and people have started to ask stupid questions.

I'm not a German and I personally don't care what happens in this whole thing.  But it's rather stupid for Germany to irk half the population and trigger some right-wing movement to occur.....just because of stupidity in planning and executing a marginal plan with no hope for real success.

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