Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Language Story

I looked through German news on Focus this evening.....and here is this oddball story on languages.

This journalist went and interviewed an education expert.....Thomas Strothotte, language professor here in Germany.

The professor says that not only should Syrians and Iraqis learn German.....but German kids ought to learn Arabic.

"In this country should be added that the refugee children from the Middle East German and German children learn Arabic," was quote which apparently came out of Die Zeit over this idea.

All of this.....would lead Germany to be a true country of immigration and multi-culty (one of often heard expressions.....although most in the negative.

The weight of this statement?  Frankly, it'd likely freak out about seventy-percent of parents now if their local school director or state education folks mandated this idea.  What might catch on?  Most schools all offer a minimum of English now, and I'd say that roughly fifty percent of schools will offer a second other language.....such as Spanish, French, Chinese or Latin.  There might be a handful out there who teach Italian, Japanese or Russian.  Maybe a dozen-odd schools would at least offer the option, and maybe get twenty-odd kids interested in this deal.

Upsetting the public?  By some 'gut-Deutsche' individuals....political folks....and journalists hyping up this suggestion....they'd basically push another five percent of the public over to the AfD Party and the anti-immigration enthusiasm.  Whether accidental or's stupid in terms of public response because they hear something like this and freak out.

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