Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Bahnhof Story

I will occasionally bring up bahnhofs and train stations in Germany.

Back in the 1970s period, the city of Niedernhausen....around the corner from where I the Bahn folks to rebuild a nice and modern bahnhof.

The original bahnhof?  From historical pieces, it apparently was destroyed toward the very end of the war, with a massive bombing (30 engines and dozens of cars were destroyed during that episode).

The curious thing is that while customers still used the hourly trains greatly.....operations around this train station really dropped off after the 1970s.  The original intent was to make the facility big enough to handle the one hundred employees who were based at the station.  By the 1980s....most all of them were gone.  About a decade ago....there was a ticket person and a station master.  Today?  It all operates with two ticket machines, and apparently a maintenance guy who tidies up and ensures things are presentable.

The building?  Useless and empty.  The parking lots around it?  Still used for daily customers who drive over....take the train into Frankfurt, and drive home at night.  One small freight building nearby is used as a pub/cafe, but the station looks entirely deserted.  Without any real can't rent the place out, and it's at a part of town that business operations wouldn't really work.

Kind of a sad way for a bahnhof to go.....but it really speaks volumes about changing times in Germany.

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