Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Ambassador Gets a Call

Well, yeah, Chancellor Merkel did ask the Foreign Minister....Guido call the US Ambassador over to his office and ask some funny questions over that phone call collection business with NSA.

Yesterday's phone call with President Obama?  One can only guess that it was a simple five-minute conversation and the German Chancellor said that she was a bit peeved and the US President just kinda paused and didn't say much.  Afterwards, she probably came to realize that he either doesn't know much about what is going on.....or acting pretty stupid.  So this request for the Ambassador to visit to lay out a couple of topics and just hint strongly that things aren't going well on any of these NSA topics.

The President?  I'm guessing he's feeling a bit of frustration over the Republicans, the government shut-down, the NSA mess, and the health care software platform failures.  Having some German Chancellor call up.....isn't in the top fifty priorities to worry about or fix.

The German side of this mess?  I think reality has sunk in that the American vacuum-cleaner for phone calls and turned on turbo-full-up.  Anything you say.....even as an American on vacation in Berlin, or some Hamburg mayor, or some Russian billionaire on vacation in open for NSA property.  Years ago, folks just dreamed about such a day.'s arrived, and nothing is secure.

How bad does this get?  The next summit....could end up with five or six European bosses wanting NSA talks to prime subject.  You can imagine the President and his attitude about being jerked around.  This might be the occasion when he suddenly decides shutting down military installations in Europe is suddenly a priority.

Finally, for Frau Merkel?  After packing up and leaving the DDR, and all it's data collection efforts....and now?  The same thing all over again?  Yeah, I doubt if she has much patience on this stuff.

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