Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Limburg Church Episode, Phase II

Apparently....this morning in Rome....the Pope made a decision over German Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst.  The Bishop is the one in serious trouble over bad planning and massive costs to a Catholic Church project in Limburg.  It's hard presently to find a single person in the Limburg region, or even in Germany....who supports the Bishop in some fashion.

The Pope's decision?  Well....the Bishop needs a holiday.  The Pope didn't say how long, or what happens after the holiday.....but the Bishop needs to get out of public sight, and rest up.

Where does a high-spending Catholic Bishop go for holiday? won't be Thailand, the Nile, or a luxury resort in Greece.  I'm guessing some quiet mountain villa deal in the Alps of Italy will be the location, and this is probably for six weeks or cool the guy off and lessen the bad publicity in Germany.

A return to Limburg?  I wouldn't bet on it.  Maybe retirement is written into this script.  I doubt if any area of Germany would accept the guy at this point.  Retain him at the Vatican?  He'd just spend money there.  Maybe it's time to send him off to deepest Africa and just give him $100 a month to buy booze and food with.

My humble guess is the next Bishop at Limburg....will own a Volkswagen Polo, sip cheap local wine, travel on the train, and keep his monthly budget at less than a thousand Euro a month.  Course, he will enjoy bathing in a 15,000 Euro bathtub, and continually speak of fine furniture in the deluxe house he inherits.

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