Thursday, October 31, 2013

Germans and Electricity Woes

News reports in Germany indicate this idea of a nuclear power plant insurance moving ahead.  The general concept is that some cost would simply be passed along to consumers, and some billion-Euro policy would be created.  In the event of massive chaos and complete failure, the policy would pay out and help the government pay for the problems.

Now, a guy could look at this for a while and believe in some ethical true values for such a policy.  Course, then logic would kick in.

This policy would be completely paid by the consumer....nothing by the company itself.  No one has grasped this....but it has to be a fairly substantial amount over a ten-year period for a family to donate their part into the pot of money.

Then we come to this oddball situation.  There's a firm belief that all nuke plants in Germany will be shut off within ten to fifteen years.  Things could change, but currently....that's the plan.  What happens to this billion-Euro pot of money then?  If I were guessing...the government intends to absorb the money and march onto some other chaotic planning episode, where the billion disappears quickly....with no oversight.

It's a gimmick fund.....let there be no doubt about that.

Another note that accompanies this entire story.....utility prices are expected to continue on the six-percent a year climb.  Some speculate even at the ten-percent a year pace.  If you were wondering about German grumbling over energy costs?  Well....yeah, there's a fair amount of negative talk and people are to the point of turning off lights, buying new refrigerators with lower energy usage, and doing the impossible in using less energy.

Then at the backdoor of this mess....there's the battery-car business which is about to erupt.  In a decade, you can envision twenty percent of all cars in Germany being plugged into some electrical box and charged up.  Where does this power come from?  And just how expensive will power be around 2020?

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