Monday, October 28, 2013

The NSA Saga Continues

Today, we get hints that the Germans are quietly discussing the idea of inviting Mr Snowden to come to Germany, testify in some court, and give evidence.  The weird idea here that if you offer a free deal that he can stay.....put all the information on the table.....and give a legal platform for charges to possibly come out.....Snowden might accept.

The other side of the coin?  It has to really disturb the US if Snowden moves to a complete listing of everything he knows.....and then some court episode would unfold with various Americans listed as potential issues.

My belief is that none of this would happen.  Snowden likely is happy presently in Russia.  The Germans would stir up a huge pot if this unfolded and you have no idea where it would end.  And the US probably would view this as a great reason to put the French and Germans on a special list....promising never to prosecute anyone.

I will add this little note....if Snowden showed up and put a thousand pages on the table....then a year later....dropped more bombshells....the Germans ought to pack him up and ship him off to the US.  This might be another issue for Snowden in the end....having to tell all he knows.

Yeah, it's a nice little story that would make a five-star movie.  And a five-star mess.

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