Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Square

Generally.....after you travel around Europe (at least most of Europe) tend to notice that small towns spend money on landscaping.

Creativity, and a fair amount of cash....creates something of a unique nature.....which draws tourists like flies.  Naturally, you put up a cafe, a coffee bar, and a dozen little shops selling tourist garbage....and you got a magnet.

This is a shot from a little village in Denmark that drove into around seven years ago.

I wouldn't really say that many tourists come to the town to appreciate the stone ball or this mini-river of sorts....but those who come....stay a while....sip a glass of something, and waste an afternoon there instead of somewhere else.

Maybe they figured out the best way of using their tax base, or may this was just some silly idea that someone slipped by the city council.....but it seems to have worked.

Would this kind of stuff work in US towns and cities?  I doubt it.  Folks would want it fancy.....bright lights....some mythical flame business....and a big dinosaur or bear as their trademark.

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