Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The NSA Mess: If It Couldn't Get Any Bigger

This morning, across Germany.....Germans kinda found out that the BND service (the CIA/NSA of Germany)....was apparently watching a minimum of 300 Americans or residents sitting in the US.  The purpose or reason?  That was left blank.  The source?  The Washington Post, via their "sources" (likely NSA folks).

Naturally, this would trigger some folks to ask what exactly the BND is looking for or against.  Business deals?  Tax evasion?  Real estate and corrupt deals?  Mafia operations?  Promi divorce scandals?

This will simply stir the pot.

Where was the Snowden guy in telling this story?  Well....he likely knows the story and merely was waiting a month or two to tell this and get folks all peppy for another round of Snowden-news.

Those 300 folks?  Well....they might  like to know what was going on....the extent of their surveillance....the phone calls recorded....the number of BND guys in the US....and how their privacy and records are being maintained in some Snowden-like character waiting to defect to Russia.

Yeah, after a while, it's soap opera entertainment.  NSA guys, BND guys, and news media guys.  All working to create chaos.

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