Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Window

Once in a while, you will be walking down some street in Germany and come to stop and marvel over a window.

This piece is on street leading from the river to the Limburg.

You can imagine this artist/carpenter at work....maybe hundred to two hundred years ago....maybe four hundred years ago.  It took a fair number of hours to put the standing window in place.

Then you look at the artwork on the window....realizing this took several weeks for him to carve and ensure that it looked just right.  Nothing less than excellence....was demanded for projects like this.  If you screwed and tried to deliver a crappy work....your rating by the locals would decrease, and folks would note you were slipping.  It wasn't something you could order from China and it'd be delivered in five days.

In the practical world of German craftsman.....your end-product....means an awful lot....whether in 1650, 1750, 1850, or 1950.

This piece has probably been painted over and cleaned a couple of times, and it's still got another couple hundred years to go.   Someone will come along as it ages and starts to show attempt another replacement one.  The building?  Three hundred years from'll still stand there.

Yeah, it shows a determined crowd....with a slight flair.  They've done good, and don't mind letting their neighbor know that.

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