Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Statue Story

Along the shopping district in Limburg....just around the corner from the city this statue.

It's an interesting story.

In 1358.....a local guy had done well at his business.  So well....that upon his death....he left what would be called a "trust" in today's environment.

The city was given the "trust" with the simple use the money to care and feed for ailing residents, the sick, and traveling pilgrims.  Oddly enough, the money was never wasted to any corruption was ever noted....and the "trust" did what it could...with the resources that it had.

The statue is probably a monument more to honest Germans....than the hospital work and lives saved....if you ask me.  A "trust" like this in the US....would have been depleted in twenty years with no explanation as to where the loot went and some mayor promising action...year after year.  

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