Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Question of Wattage

Germans have a generally open attitude about the German government creating new regulations.  It's not that difficult for a German to hear about some change....ever how small or large....and generally embrace it.  You could say it's for the good of the nation, or society, and that's good enough for Germans.

Then, you come to EU regulations....which tend to get Germans all upset and frustrated.  The EU folks....tend to find things that no one ever imagined regulation necessary....and invent something.  Germans will get blunt about the approaching rules, and fight them in court if necessary.

This week....the EU came out and said that vacuum cleaners have reached a point of wattage and maximum capability.  There's this EU feeling that the current push for 2,000 watt vacuum a bit too much.  So, the rules coming.

By the fall of 2014, no vacuum in the EU (Germany included)....can be sold new and above 1700 watts, period.  By the fall of 2017, the limit of new vacuum cleaners sold.....will be 900 watts.

An American would look at this, shake our head, and this really necessary?  Do you really need to get in my face and screw with the necessary wattage of vacuum cleaners?  A law?  Enforced by government officials?  Oh please.

You can imagine the action going on.  Several companies.....are in a bad position because their technology line was going to more wattage.

I imagine some companies will comply and build a 900-watt vacuum.....then market a turbo device that you can buy via another company, and bring the vacuum up to 2,000 watts....thus bypassing the EU regulation.

Somewhere behind all of the idea of saving electricity, and that massive wattage just wasn't the solution to a clean house.  Selling the limit on wattage?  It's hard to say how people will react, and if they can take this serious.

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