Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crime on the Increase

I noticed this morning on 'Focus' that the German cops up in the North Rhine region (Cologne) are admitting robbery and burglary numbers are way out of sight.  What they are saying for that region is that foreign crime groups are showing up in massive numbers.....breaking in....and quickly fencing the goods.  As quickly as they acquire anything.....they dump it to the next guy.

The one number I noticed in the report.....twenty to fifty percent growth in some areas, over the past year.

Sadly, it's a trend that's going on across Germany....even here in Wiesbaden.

I noted in the local news yesterday that cops got called on the shopping zone on Tuesday.....some young guy had robbed a jewelry shop and ran a fair distance before the owner caught up with him.  He took a turn or two while being chased, and when the owner finally got him.....the cops were there in five to ten minutes.  Oddly.....he didn't have any of the stolen jewelry on him and had probably dumped it with his 'partner' along this run.   Cops interviewed the kid later and then released him.  Nothing on him....other than writing a report and maybe forcing the episode off onto a couple of detectives to watch the kid and figure out his friends......there's nothing to occur out of this.

They've fine-tuned their methods and come to Germany to hit the big time.  One German journalist wrote the comment that these guys are now chess players.....they have a strategy.....they sit and watch your moves....and they simply wait for you to make a mistake.  Like some cat sitting in a backyard and watching for birds.

Cops changing tactics?  The unions are calling for more cops, and the public readily agrees on that....but numbers won't fix this alone.  I think they will end up with neighborhood watch groups (something rare in Germany), and technology will be part of the future for this issue.  Filming them won't do much good.....they get arrested, released, and then move onto the next town.  The cops are facing a difficult creature in this type of problem.

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