Monday, July 20, 2015

The Bernd Lucke Party

The guy who developed the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) Party got dumped from the leadership role of the AfD recently.  So, over the weekend, Bernd Lucke started his next political party.  The meeting, held in Kassel, attracted roughly seventy members of the old AfD party.

The chief focus of the new party?  Back to the criticism of the Euro and the EU economic policy.  They also noted that they will be for some minor form of immigration show their differences from the AfD.

The German news media covered the meeting but when it was all said and done for the nightly amounted to a 40-second bit, and it was done.

Splitting off the AfD Party?  Last year, you could walk around Germany and probably find around five to seven percent of the public interested in the politics of the AfD.  Lucke talked mostly anti-Euro rhetoric and he tried to keep the forums limited to economics.  For the first year or two....that worked.  I think the anti-immigration crowd were looking for a political vehicle that could take up the subject (most German political parties keep their distance from the topic), and the AfD accepted the crowd.

As for Lucke's new party surviving?  The name of the party is officially ALFA, referring to some German phrase of "alliance for progress and renewal".  The national election is in the fall of 2017 and they've got some time to develop.  The problem's really the Bernd Lucke Party....lasting as long as they allow him to be the party boss.  Once they tire of him and elect a new party boss.....he'll walk off and develop another political party.

I kinda think this is why the news media doesn't take him serious anymore.

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