Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Frankfurt Project

If you've ever been around the Frankfurt Bahnhof (train station).....you'd generally say that it's a massive complex with various uses.  In the past year or so.....they've added another purpose....long-distance buses.  What the city says is that roughly 180 such buses pull into the area around the bahnhof daily now (they weren't part of the scheme before 2014).  Naturally, there's more issues and consumer complaints.

So, yesterday....the city announced a major renovation project for the area around the Frankfurt bahnhof.  On the southside of the station.....there's going to be a entire bus terminal put up.

The pieces?  A multi-story car park, a 300-bike parking area, benches, a bike-wash area, and finally some toilets near the bus stop area.  The final phase won't be done until 2018.

If you add it up and assume at fifty passengers per bus, there's roughly 10,000 riders going through on these buses daily.  All of this has recently been on a trend....remember, long-distance buses were illegal for years and years.....to help the Bahn folks out.

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