Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hospitalized Because of Global Warming?

I'm waiting for the regional news folks here in Hessen to build up another climate change or global warming story from this episode this morning in Lollar.

School year is coming to a close and most schools are working up various non-education activities.  So in Lollar.....they were hold a Federal Youth Games day (a sports day for the kids)......grades seven to ten.  Over the past day or two....temperatures have crept back up to around 30 C (86 F).  Most folks in the US would say that 86 F is not that hot but you need to pay attention to your hydration situation.

Well.....roughly ten young gals collapsed this morning because of the heat.  Rushed off to the regional hospital.  The symptoms reported by the news media all include the normal heat-related injury situations......collapse, nausea, and malaise.

Based on appears that the school did have a water stand and were offering up water to folks who needed it.  What I've generally noticed in Germany is that there isn't a great perception over heat stroke or heat exhaustion.....where you notice it in yourself or perceive it as a problem for a co-worker or friend.  

Comments indicate that after two or three people had issues.....teachers tried to take control of the situation and it was probably already too late.....with more young gals collapsing within a short period of time.

All of this because of climate change or global warming?  If  I were a German journalist.....I'd try to figure out a gimmick and just note how this is just another example.'s plain old heat exhaustion....where you fail to note the temperature and you fail to exercise common sense.  If you'd gotten people onto a hydration scheme at 8AM and made them sip some water and shut down harsh athletic activities when it got real would have overcome climate change/global warming.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but people need to review reality and common sense.

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