Friday, July 31, 2015

The Patio Door Story

We had another crime episode of an odd nature in Wiesbaden.

On the far east side of town, in one of the more upper-class 'burbs'.....there's a house with a finely landscaped backyard, nicely composed patio area, and a charming atmosphere for summer relaxation.  Likely for years and years.....the couple never felt any threat and would arrive home in the afternoon of a hot summer and just open up the big patio door.

At some point around Tuesday evening (7:30), the wife was upstairs and the husband down on the ground level near the patio door.

Suddenly two guys walk through the patio door from the backyard, into the living room.  I'm assuming it kinda shocks the husband.

One of the guys in some accented German says he's got an injury and needs help with his wound.  He's got the focus of the husband.  The second guy is drawn toward the kitchen and is quickly rifling through the wife's purse.

The wife hearing all this coming downstairs from the second floor.  She kinda interrupts the 2nd guy, and the two visitors quickly exit the patio door and leave the house.  The couple....kinda discover they've been robbed.  Naturally, they call the cops but there's not much that the cops can do....other than making a report.

What happens now?  I'm guessing the couple is in a bit of hostile and frustrated fear.  They probably keep the patio door completely closed.  They will be skittish about sitting on the patio....because the two guys might return.  They will be uneasy about any noise that they hear from the backyard.  The neighbors?  Same thing.....they now live in fear.

All of this, with more potential episodes likely to occur in the remaining summer period and throughout 2016's summer....leads me to think that more and more Germans will question their safety enough to acquire weapons certification and a permit to hold a weapon.  Things are not as safe as they were before.

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