Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nazis, Soccer, and A Story

I do a lot of historical reading....the stuff that you need to ask stupid questions over and it opens up a whole new world of knowledge.

Today, I got onto the topic of local soccer in Wiesbaden.  I admit....we have a marginal two-star team that rarely climbs into the 3rd-level of competition within Germany.  For the most part, if you want real competition or real soccer.....you'd have to cross the river over into Mainz or go to Frankfurt.

SV Wehen Wiesbaden is the name of the team.  I had known that the team for years and years.....wasn't exactly a local Wiesbaden team.  They were actually part of Taunusstein (a 'burb' about twenty minutes driving....north of Wiesbaden).  I also came to know that they were shut down in 1933.  Up until today, I never understood the angle to this shut-down.

So, in 1932....the Nazis come to political power in Germany.  Oddly, one of the top things that the political arm of the Nazis wants to accomplish.....is have their people in charge of soccer, the soccer clubs and ensure the Jewish crowd was out.

Across Germany....both at regional and national levels....there were a fair number of Jewish coaches, managers, and players.  The stadiums themselves....to some degree....had Jewish guys running them.

So in 1933, the clubs throughout Germany were told to meet at the table and agree that not only were the Jews out.....but the Nazi party guys were in.

SV Wehen Taunusstein decided to shut down, rather than cooperate.

The necessity for putting Nazi Party guys in charge?  It's hard to say and no one has sat down as far as I can see and done some analysis over the scheme that the Party guys were working with.  I would imagine that they felt these games were public events and there needed to be the right music, the right attitude displayed, the right enthusiasm for the nation, and something to get people pumped up over Nazi stuff.

In 1946, as the Americans were in firm control....SV wehen Taunusstein formed back up and became the regional club.  About a decade ago....the city had control of a five-star property on the east side of town....near the Army post, and the newer arena was built.  The club became a Wiesbaden vehicle instead of Taunusstein.

Just one of those curious things that you come across.

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