Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Documentary on Germans and Immigration

Last night, ARD (Channel One, state-run German TV) ran a documentary piece....."Welcome to Germany".

It was a fairly long piece which did a recent and even-handed report on the players in a immigration situation in northern Germany.....from two towns.  There were the pro-immigration folks, the immigrants themselves, and the anti-immigrant folks.

What I'll say is that it really took you through the problems and issues.  Sadly, they ran this at 11PM and I doubt if more than 300,000 Germans watched the show.Course, maybe it was probably not the kind of story that you'd want half the country watching.  It's not a topic that you ought to engage with most Germans.

I noticed over on ARD's news page today.....through some institute.....they noted that only half of the eastern population of Germany will agree on a pro-immigration situation.  In the western part of's roughly sixty-percent.

I would recommend the documentary and you go over to and find it on their library.

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