Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bavaria's Trump-Card

The CSU head of state in Bavaria....Horst Seehofer....came out this morning and made some comments which will get the Berlin crowd disturbed.  It'll probably even get Chancellor Merkel a bit frustrated and uptight.

Seehofer says that Bavaria is now under a state of 'threat', and will act upon a self-defense plan if Berlin doesn't do something real quick.

The threat made?  Bavaria could say that's it for 2015 and refuse any more refugees.....putting instead on a train heading out of the state......forcing them onto the other fifteen states, and likely creating a major crisis with Berlin in a matter of hours.

Some CDU folks will probably try to persuade Seehofer not to issue such a threat but it's too late and I suspect that the CSU government in Bavaria has already started planning for this self-defense plan.

The amount of discomfort that this will cause across Germany?  A number of other states have taken their 'share' and feel the same issue as Bavaria.  It'd likely cause meetings this week for three or four other states to talk about their own breaking point and their own self-defense plan.  You could suddenly see five or six German states making very strongly worded comments to Berlin and letting them know that they won't participate any longer.

For those thinking that 1 January will reset the clock and get folks past some hump issue.....well, no.  That's not going to be the way this all falls into play.

If you were looking for a five-star moment in Germany.....where the Berlin guys start sweating and things get heated.....this Seehofer threat is it.

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