Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pepper-Spray Incident

Crazy things do occasionally happen in Germany.  This morning....there was this episode reported over a clinic down in Nuremberg.  Two older gals....reportedly in their seventies....had some type of disagreement.  It's hard to say who said what or how things went into a chaotic state.....but one gal finally had enough and pulled out a pepper-spray canister and blasted away at the other gal.

Needless to say....the pepper-spray got over over the clinic and they had to chase people out until the fire department came and fixed the situation.

 Cops won't say much about charges but they probably do want to force the pepper-spray gal into court and have some judge really warn her on the future consequences if she does it again.

Pepper-spray is legal to sell in Germany and self-defense folks advocate women to carry it.  If you asked a thousand adult women in Wiesbaden.....I doubt if you could find five who carry it.

As for what confrontations can occur in a clinic?  Well, that's the silly thing.  People are generally forced to wait, and you could be sitting there for two hours.  So folks get frustrated.  All it takes is one silly comment and suddenly, you've got an aggravated person sitting there.

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