Friday, October 30, 2015

Dogg is Dead?

Denis or Deso Dogg or Denis-Deso-Abu....take your pick.  The Americans say he's dead.

I've written a blog or two on Denis or Dogg.  It's a five star movie script sitting there on the guy.

Denis was the product of a German mother and a Ghana guy.  Nothing is ever known of the Ghana guy other than he packed up and left at some point.

Mom married some American officer, and Denis really never took a likening to the guy.  Troubled times, etc.

Denis ends up in his teens as a delinquent.  Around 1995, Denis is around twenty....selling drugs on the side and discovers rap music.  He has some least in consideration there just isn't a lot of rapsters in Germany.

Seven years will pass....Denis does Ok at rap and Ok at selling drugs.

Then he hits the big time with a contract and puts out one big album.  Oddly, about this same time....he gets noticed for drugs, and goes off to jail for a while.  For roughly a year.....Denis is known in the rap music world.

In jail, Denis gets introduced to Islam.  He emerges and says he's a changed man.  In truth, he can't really rediscover his potential.

By 2009, Denis has gotten into some weapons issues with the cops, and that takes some effort to explain.

By 2012, Denis has decided to run off to the Syrian civil war.  He's this DJ-rap star who does musical pieces for ISIS.

By 2013, some folks in the CIA have figured that Denis is a four-star womanizer and has hooked up this woman that Denis is all stuck upon.  Denis introduces her to various ISIS folks and they talk up the whole operation.  At some point in mid to late 2014.....she has to leave because there are some suspicions about her past.

By earlier this year....Denis has problems with his ISIS relationships.  What the US government will say is that he's dead and gone now.

Me?  I'm skeptical.

It would not surprise me the CIA decided to deal with Denis and offer some big-time and we just make you dead in name only.  Maybe I'm wrong, but there's just something odd about this whole story.

As for a five-star story for a movie?  This is it.  Denis or probably the best made-for-movie script to ever come out of Germany.

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