Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This Refugee Medical Story

I don't typically read the Express (out of the UK)....it's a daily newspaper which sensationalizes some stories.  I should emphasize.....'some' in this story.

The Express has come across this German female anesthetist who did a massive dump on the German healthcare system and the current refugee crisis.  The anonymous telling of this story?  Well, that's a minor problem and I'm often skeptical when a news service wants to cite anonymous sources.  Maybe it's 100-percent true....maybe it's only 50-percent true.

There are several pieces to the article.

First, she cites that a fair number of Muslim asylum-seekers are not cooperative with the German healthcare system when offered treatment by female nurses or doctors.  This complicates things because the German healthcare system has a very large proportion of ladies in the profession.

Second, she cites that as the doctor hands them a prescription and they finally get to the pharmacy....they learn that the drug costs money and they simply don't have the funds for such medicine.  This.....occurring with kids who are a major importance to the Muslim-family unit....results in some hostile and angry discussions.

Third, she notes that cops are now routinely part of the security situation of hospitals since the crisis started....because of potential threats made upon medical staffs.

Fourth, she mentions the various infectious diseases which are apparent with the new arrivals.....to include Tuberculous....something that Germans aren't used to.

Finally, she gets onto the short topic of limited medical services that were built for a healthy population, and that the increasing number of medical problems brought into the clinics and hospitals are overwhelming their ability to provide first-rate care.

This might interest some German journalists to ask questions of the German medical profession....but I'm guessing that the answers will be such....that you can't really tell this story without it being negative in some fashion.

As for this Muslim attitude of male doctors for male patients?  From thirty to forty years ago in the US, I can remember older guys having a problem when their new doctor turned out to be a female.  There's some period in the 1980s when you really started to note more and more female doctors coming out of the medical schools.  In some cases, a guy might just say it in plain words....he had a 'man-problem' and needed a male doctor.  In this type of case....there was some understanding and the system worked with the guy as much as they could.

The problem I see.....if you look across at the German healthcare system today....there are roughly 357,000 doctors (more if you count inactive or retired doctors) for a population of 80-million.  There aren't any real number statistics for male and female doctors.  What you do find are numerous articles talking about a much higher ratio of female medical students to male students over the past decade.  And you also find a number of reports over doctors in Germany who've given up on the system and left the country....which creates a difficult recruitment environment for the German health services.

The reality here is that whatever drove you to cross a half-dozen borders....walk for forty-odd days...and bet your whole life on some acceptance in Germany.....well, it's got some twists and turns involved.  You will have to accept German rules, German social behavior (meaning alcohol is acceptable), German dress attire (women dressing in a provocative way),  German laws (they've got a law for just about everything you could imagine), and German harshness (being German is never easy, even for a German). If you wake up from some immigration dream and suddenly discover the big picture of reality in Germany.....then you'd reflect upon the options (living in the Assad world or messing with ISIS thugs).  Getting used to female nurses and doctors might not be such a bad deal....if you think about the other options.

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