Friday, October 16, 2015

The BND Story

It was a shocker...absolute wake up and watch the news from yesterday, as German came to find that their chief spy agency....the BND....was actually spying on people (namely the French and the Americans).

Yep, absolute shocker that a spy agency would spy.

The Linke Party and the Greens chatted like wild apes in Borneo over the topic last night for the benefit of the state-run TV news crowd.  Such a terrible, terrible thing.....a spy agency spying.

I realize that I'm a non-German and I'm probably not "blessed" with the gifted knowledge level of Germans or especially the German intellectural crowd.  But I kept sitting there and wondering....what exactly did you hire some thugs or tech guys to be work in the BND for?  BMW repairs?  Pothole maintenance?  Check tickets on buses or trains?

All of this supposedly ended in 2013....or so they say for public consumption.  I have my doubts.

So, how can the mess be fixed? need some political folks who sit around and pick who will be spied upon and who will not, and it simply needs to be a public debate.  My guess is that most Germans would agree that Luxembourg, the Vatican, Tonga, and England need to be spied upon.  FIFA (the soccer guys) should not be spied upon.....nor Russia or Austria.  There will end up being some kind of spy listing and it'll be talked about openly day in and day out.

If this sounds pretty stupid.....well, this is the only way of fixing what is perceived to be broke.

If I did get you all aggravated and frustrated about the BND's actual job.....well, hopefully you won't find out what the actual job of the Arbeitsamt (Job-Center) is.  You really wouldn't want to know that story.

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